Non Profit Organization # 84-2373784 
P.O. Box 373 Pioneertown CA 92268

Center for Spiritual Renewal and Education


Our Mission:

Create trails and pathways through ancient
desert landscapes
leading to new horizons for spiritual renewal, growth,  and education.


Principle Values 

S p i r i t u a l   R e n e w a l  
S u s t a i n a b i l i t y  
L i v i n g  C o n s c i o u s l y   w i t h   N a t u r e
I n t e r f a i t h   C o o p e r a t i o n  
Co - c r e a t i n g   a n d   C o o p e r a t i n g   
w i t h   
A l l  L i v i n g  C r e a t u r e s   i n   N a t u r e.


Garth's Words:

"To me, it's my answer to the lords prayer.  Let it be

done on earth as it is in heaven."


"What we do here is try to imagine what it would be like in heaven and manifest that here."

"My journey is to make this sacred space available
to you on your journey."


Boulder Gardens Sanctuary welcomes people of all ages and spiritual practices to gather and share ideas and perspectives.

To learn environmental respect from the land and through small seminars, campouts, and other activities that teach us how to better our relationship with nature.

 Boulder Gardens Sanctuary 

harmonizes with the underlying principles of

spiritual renewal, sustainability, living consciously with nature, interfaith cooperation and understanding,

all while co-creating and cooperating with all living creatures in nature.


In 2019 Garth established:​

Boulder Gardens Sanctuary 

Center for Spiritual Renewal and Education

Organized with the state of California as a non-profit for charitable purposes.

Take a moment to consider Garth's stewardship of this incredible space filled with native

  fauna, massive boulder formations, and open skies. 

Boulder Gardens Sanctuary creates and maintains trails and space for contemplation, and meditation,

and in turn, opening new horizons. 

People come from all over the globe to share their ideas, their brilliance, and their love. 

The trails, the scenic views, the meditation gardens, the water features, and the amazing wildlife habitats

are all here for you on your journey.


While here, make friends and share ideas.

Find a way to your inner being

by connecting with


Garth welcomes all that wander up the road with warm hugs and big smiles,

providing those in need with

 a warm meal, and a place to rest one's weary head.


This has led to a vast web of love for Garth.

 Monks, holy people, and light-workers of all types retreat to

these boulders to meditate and discover nature's sacred truths.

Your Donations help maintain and improve

Garth's Boulder Gardens Sanctuary:

Center for Spiritual Renewal and Education.

Give generously!

Donations are tax-deductible.

Thank you!

Boulder Gardens Sanctuary

Po Box 373

Pioneertown, CA


Clyde Garth Bowles, President 

Kyle Martin, Secretary

Dave Bricker, Tresurer

(760) 821-9173


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