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Our Host give meaning to this grand land. They live and devote their lives to a great cause of sharing. They support and lead anyone who is interested in connecting with nature.


Our Story

Our founder Garth, has for decades provided space for artists, light workers, monks, and spiritual seekers to connect with nature through his sacred land.

 In the mid 80's, and through the development stages of Garth's boulder gardens very few folks wandered up GodsWay Love road, but when they did, they were welcomed with warm smiles and open arms!

Nowadays, Boulder Gardens LLC ,  takes more care in selecting those that wonder up the road to be a part of our goals. We look for a certain calming and higher light energy in an individual. We look for love and understanding to make the difference in the way we welcome and share with visitors. Today our Goals and our helpers work in together to generate the overall vibe that make Garth's a place so bliss.

We hope to meet you soon.

Thank you!

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