Instructions and arrival times

Instructions and arrival times

Greetings! If you have reserved a space or spaces for Heartheart New Moon Ceremony

Then you'll need to know the what, when and where to go for this event.

So here we go! First, please follow the directions in the link below to make it to our location

without trouble of getting lost in the desert.

Directions to the property!

Arrival time will be at 6 pm at the entrance gate on Thursday July 28th, 2022.

You will be met at the entrance area by our guides and from there you will drive your

vehicle to the designated area.

Heartheart Level 1 Experience will start at the infamous Boulder Gardens Look Out at

7 pm on Thursday, July 28th 2022.

There, we will begin with the Cacao, Sage and Fire Opening Ceremony portion of the experience..

The opening ceremony will create the intention around a designated fire pit where we will get cleansed with ceremonial sage, and drink cacao while listening to a live Peruvian Tribal song master weaving us into a magical musical moment full of sacred intentions.

Once this ceremony is complete, we will make the short walk through the most beautiful high desert landscape imaginable to the Boulder House.

The Boulder House was created in Garth's amazing boulders and is an architectural phenomena . Created and built by an artist who simply photographed it in its finished state, for his portfolio, and then left it for Garth's enjoyment.

Now it serves as a great place for sound baths and much more.

Once in the Boulder House you will be given mats to lay flat and enjoy the sounds of the crystal bowls and the Grand Uberdu!

Once completed you will be able to roam the grounds, stargaze, and/or simply say fair well,

and head on your way.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have any last minute questions feel free to contact Kyle at his cell phone at

(805) 428 -1573