Greetings! My journey is to help you on your journey.

In my late thirties, I gave up all my possessions. With a bowl, and a spoon, and a bed roll went on a walk across America to experience spirit with a group called the Christ Brothers Organization.

We walked around the country for 5 years.

We found we couldn't stop and just hang out anywhere without being asked to move on.

 From that experience,

I wanted to find a place that


would be welcome.

A place where people could come together,... with their brilliance, and their ideas, and their love,...

to engineer... well, a better world, ...

...a new world so to speak.


When spirit lead me to this land, I know that this was it.

I wrote letters to my family and friends, in hopes that I would find a buyer. I took pictures and drafted plans showing its great potential.

Soon after,

my mom & dad purchased the land to help me with my journey quest to make the world a better place.


As long as the land taxes were paid on time,

 they would gift it to me. So they created a plan

that would take eighteen years before it was gifted over to me.

It was 1982 when I first moved on to the land, and all I did was clean it up.

The previous owners had never been here,

 so, it was left to become a wild west. 

 I slept on a old shot up and sun weathered couch for three years while removing heaps of broken glass, gun casings, rusted engine parts, and bullet blasted tv's.

 To make an honest buck, I worked odd jobs for the families in the area.


Then a friend Victor, gave me my tepee.

For 10 years through the harsh desert winters and summers the canvas lasted. Then a huge storm with high winds finally shredded it to pieces and

now it has a more durable shell.


I've lived it now it for 40 years.

Well, I live out side mostly, except for when the weather is inclement,

that's when I go inside where it's warm and cozy.

For heat I use a wood burning stove.

For many many years I hauled my own water.

Sometimes on foot due to the weather which can at times

be 3 feet of snow.

Eventually had a well dug.

From that point, by hand mostly, we put in 3.5 miles of water line through the boulders to have water in all areas where we live and gather.

Once the water was established I planted shade trees, fruit trees,

created vegetable gardens, rock gardens,

 cascading ponds for fish and frogs, birds, and other critter,

 Then watering holes in the boulders, a wood-burning sauna, outdoor bathtubs,

 bird aviaries, garden houses / indoor solar shower, an outdoor kitchen, many vegetable gardens...and much more.

 We opened a mountain spring right out of the hill.

We co-created with nature a 300 seat three teared amphitheater in the boulders with a stage that is used to connect through seminars, camp outs, and small gatherings. 

All of this I couldn't have done without the

friends of Boulder Gardens, and all those that came and keep coming up the road offering their help.

I thank you all.


In 2018 we organized an LLC,

and started a Non Profit.


Boulder Gardens LLC


Boulder Gardens Sanctuary501(c3)

Have this gives transparency to the community that we love.


The land's future includes a greeting center, a advanced healing center, and an animal husbandry facility as well.


Today, and everyday,... we do things on the land that make those that seek it feel welcome.

Myself, my friends and family are hear to help you on your journey.

Thank you for being a part of its future!

Love, Garth.

Please Give Generously!

 Thank you for all the love!


Boulder Gardens Sanctuary

EIN # 84-2373784]

Organized for charitable purposes.  

Garth Bowles, President

Kyle Martin, Secretary

Dave Bricker, Treasurer

P.O Box 373

Pioneertown, CA 92268

Tel: 805-428-1573


Garth's Story

Garth's Story