About Garth's Land




                                 Garth's desert wilderness is nestled in the foothills of                                                                          Pioneertown California, 20 miles from Joshua Tree.

                                            The 640 acres is at 4,800 feet in elevation, Pipes Canyon facing,                                       surrounded by conservancy-owned volcanic mesas, the                                                     Sawtooth Mountains, and the Pioneertown Mountains Preserve - part of

                                         the Mojave High Desert in California, USA.


                                 The landscape is an important wildlife area recovering little by little from                                        a fire in 2006. The land features petroglyphs, huge granite boulders,                                               open-air caves, Joshua trees, Pinion pines, cacti, frogs, fish,                                                                                 birds, and many other species.

                         This special place set amid huge boulders with a view that stretches forever                              holds a big goal, and an even bigger heart.

                                         Garth has worked tirelessly for the past 41                                                                               years on his 640 acre estate in the California desert to achieve                                                   a goal; cultivate a place in nature to                                                                                             embody the harmonic co-existence

                                           between man and the natural world.                                                                 Within which to build sustainable agriculture, plantings, and animal                                                                  husbandry, bringing about a transformation to what was                                                                  perceived as wasteland.


                                               Garth says:

                                               " I want my place to be an example of how to                                                                        live with the land without destroying it; To create a place where                                     people could come and share their brilliance, their ideas, and their love

                                 to engineer a better world, a new world, so to speak."



                                          Nature and people are continuously nurtured in this wonderful                                              sacred garden oasis amongst the boulders.

                           One can find many areas that are secluded from the makings of city life,                      which include cement roads, concrete walkways, telephone poles, houses,                                      apartment complexes, drainage ditches, power lines, etc. 

                                 They are out there in the area, but one can't see them

                                                                    while here at Garth's.


                                      Garth's land provides spiritual growth while 

                                             teaching us how to live in harmonic resonance with nature.        


      Following designated trails and pathways could take one to 

new spiritual heights of spiritual growth

and education.

                                         Going into the boulders is a danger with out a guide.

                             One can get turned around and find themselves lost or worse. The boulders are not fixed in place, and in any minute could fall.

                         There are hundreds of plants that are easily hundreds of years old.

                 We are conservation based community. We protect the land. We water elements that nature has forgot to. And we help all living creatures here to thrive.

                        We are a no kill community that makes it our pleasure to help all living creatures on the property and everywhere else.

We have designated trails for walking and one biking trail. 


                 We have caves that we believe were occupied by ancient Indians because we believe  the fire rings under four feet of earth, pottery chard, grinding stones, baskets, and rock carvings are real.


                      Garth's generous spirit and humble graciousness welcome anyone passing                                     through with open arms a warm smile. This has created a powerful                                            network of friends who have been influenced and inspired by Garth. 

Today Garth mostly hangs out around his tepee greeting visitors,

                                          telling stories, and playing dice with his friends.                                                                                                                                                  

Thank you!

       Everyone is welcome!