Directions to 

boulder gardens 
Godsway Love Road, Yucca Valley,

Ca 92268

Take freeways or other to 29 Palms Hwy, Route 62, to the center of Yucca Valley.Take Old Woman Springs Road, Route 247(north) for 5 miles. Turn left (west) on Pipes Canyon Rd, then go 4.2 miles to Gamma Gulch (big fence like sign) on the right. Turn right on Gamma Gulch and go 2 miles (north) . Turn left (west) on Godsway Love.  Go 1 mile to entrance where you will see a welcome sign to Boulder Gardens, from there go ¼ mile to our entrance camp were you will sign in.  Sometimes we will be able to greet you there to orientate you. Although if not simply follow the directions at the sign in area.
Be conscious that there are two Gods Way Love roads, one says "Gods Way Love East" and goes to the right off Gamma Gulch, (Do Not Go Right),
and the other is ¼ mile further north on Gamma  Gulch and reads just "Godsway Love". 
Our Godsway Love road sign is a white sign, with black lettering with a red arrow that points left.

Have a great drive!