Boulder Gardens Gigantic Boulder Ampathe
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Our boulder amphitheater is set into the massive quartz and granite boulders with three levels of festival seating and is located in the middle of a square mile of private property with views of The Sawtooth Mountains in the Pioneertown area of the California Mojave Desert.
 The boulder amphitheater is available for small gatherings, short-term retreats, ceremonies, film shoots, and spiritual retreats. 
We have a sound curfew in place that comply's with the county ordinance.
After hour gatherings are asked to tun down commercial sound systems so as to not get complaints from our friends that live a half of a mile away in the small town of Rimrock. Although smaller sound systems are good to go all night without turning down.
We have a designated community fire cauldron that is the only fire allowed in the area.
No Other Open Flames Allowed.
Food trucks, vendors and other related pop ups are allowed.
There is amazing trails, open air boulder caves to hike through, and we provide potable water by spigot in three locations around the event area. The one on site portable restroom is for use by day visitors and all other events must provide there own restrooms for there guests. We Do Not have power on site, this means you will need to bring generators as well.
The boulders and other fauna, make for great projection screens too!
We have a shade structure in place and we also provide a shade material that covers the stage from the sun if you want that installed simply let us know.
Okay we look forward to hearing from you!


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Thanks! We will get back to you soon!