-    Things folks say


Jasmine says:

WOWWW.....that’s really all I can say about Garth's. My trip was not nearly enough to experience all Garth’s had to offer! From the watering hole and the crystal sauna to the enchanting expanse of the land, this place is TRULY A GEM! Buddha, Garth’s lovely dog made sure we were always safe and at ease. My friends and I can’t wait to visit again to really relish all the boulders have to offer!  I felt very grateful knowing Garth’s tribe pays attention to cleanliness and all the little details. Everyone in the “neighborhood” was super kind and friendly. They really made sure I felt at home. So much love and integrity all around. This magical place is bookmarked for life!


Cili Cline 

"Beyond Beautiful, you can feel nature's deep resonant power inside your bones, while also sensing the lightness of being, as if you’re one with the sky! It’s a scared place...🙏"


Ruth Iorio 

"So incredibly magical I can’t even describe! Garth is the caretaker of the most divine, gorgeous spot in the desert I actually can’t believe it exists. Myself and my five year old were quietly welcomed and embraced into this hard working community and had an incredible time hiking and scrambling and swimming and cave crawling and singing Woodie Guthrie in the outdoor kitchen. I can’t wait to come back. This place has so much love and peace embedded in the boulders."

Julia Harriet Ehret 
"One of the most beautiful places in all of our Morongo Basin."
Robert Redecker 
"I spent over a year there. It feels like time spent out of the country!"
Suki Shaw     (January 7  )

"A beautiful and special place. Garth, a lovely, humble soul, has worked so hard for so long, offering love and care in this natural environment with a goal to establish a way for mankind to work in peaceful and harmonious co-existence with nature. God bless him and all who stop by to help this goal."


Crystal Buckminster 

"One of my all time most memorable times in my life! I shall be back, thank you!"


Marie Roviello 

"I was able to see that this special place is beautiful, freeing and soulful away from the stress of everyday life. It's a place to let go, heal, and reconnect with nature. I look forward to returning again soon."


Esteban Bautista 

"It truly is the most magical place to visit and camp at. We consider ourselves fortunate to have been able to enjoy this wonderful setting many thanks to Kyle and Garth❤❤❤"


Jt Mars

"The most inspiring and creative place to explore outdoors, Whether it's alone or a big group of friends, it's going to be magical. So much to explore, you can't get it all done with one weekend trip."



Cili Cline

November 7, 2018,  

"Another incredible glorious day at Garth’s Boulder Gardens. 
A true natural desert oasis...All-natural meditation deep into the bedrock of the self. Seed the core of you!🤱🏾🌟
The time is NOW, one love❤️!"

An anonymous visitor   April 21st, 2019:

“The most unbelievable magical experience. Beautiful doesn’t quite cut it- the place, the people...this is a true heaven on Earth. Can’t wait to come back.”

Frank Bernard 

"One of the most beautiful places that I've ever been in my life after visiting for the first time I went home got my family and returned because I needed them to experience it as well I'll be back soon thank you"

Luiza Leite  — 5 star

April 26, 2016, 

"I came here with a couple of friends after the Joshua tree music festival. What a magical place! Garth is super sweet, the landscape and built structures are stunning, the vibe is stellar. If you have a chance to check it out do it!"

Spacetime Robert 

"It is Absolutely True. Love is part of the Radiant Glow that totally covers the Boulder Gardens. Waking up in the Gardens, meditating, hiking around and absorbing pristine nature is beyond awesome. Thank you for preserving and maintaining your Beautiful Space. It was an exquisite experience visiting with you. I will be back."

Rebecca Playfair   February 26, 2018,  

"What an amazing place! The people we met were warm and inviting. The desert environment was beautiful and tranquil. This place is perfectly orchestrated to be on “Godsway Love Rd!” So thankful to the community and the radical hospitality that we received here. Looking forward to returning. �����"

Chuck Chang  November 24, 2015, · 

"Garth is one of the most loving man I have been very fortunate to have met. His land is so mystical and beautiful. Thank you so much, Garth, for hosting us with your beauty!"

Santino Rice —5 star  November 24, 2015 · 

"So grateful that Garth exists and that he has created such a magical place. This place is too special for pictures and words to describe. You must get here!"

Karyl Newman   February 19 ·2019

"Garth is so welcoming. I always bring food for all to enjoy. Thank you, Garth, for preserving this land and supporting artists within."

Aydra Jenson — 5 star 

"A magical experience you find within yourself by the sheer magnitude of beauty and community this special place holds"

Danielle Hunter 

"This is a wonderland....all who go there are fantastic souls and discovering why you are there is more than "part of the fun"...Garth is an amazing, beautiful man...Everyone is touched by his love and kindness....A rare experience these days."

T-Mo Thee at Garths  5 star

·"Most magical place I've ever been! Garth is an honest and true spirit... Full of wisdom and great energy! Must add to your bucket list!"

Amara Alban  March 12, 2018, · 

"Always fresh and new ... always full of love. Boulder Gardens is a treasure beyond treasures -- Heaven On Earth !"

Barbie Sommars  5 star  May 30, 2015, · 

"Magickal to the Max! Garth is the coolest! I'll never forget my experience and I can't
wait to have more at Boulder Gardens."

Mark Sims  — 5 star   

"One of the most magical places I've ever visited! <3 <3 <3"

Sophie Natier 5 star  December 13, 2016 · 

"Parenthèse de paix et de beauté :)"

"Peace and beauty break :)"

Shepherds Treehouse   December 24, 2018,  

"This is a wonderful community and a beautiful place to come to it feeds the spirit and the people here are just amazing anyone that gets a chance, the Boulder Gardens are a must-see. There is so much peace and love here with the people that run it. With all our love,

God bless"


Jessica Baker

 November 2019

Super nice group of people out there eager to show you their slice of paradise a little off the beaten path. Everyone we met was super kind & helpful. There is a small swimming hole in the boulders and hillside that has a crystal wall and tree, next to a dry sauna. We were blessed the sauna was hot at the moment we arrived and I was able to transcend on a bed of hot crystals, in private even. Very few people around but a few cars probably from hikers venturing out further. What a beautiful sanctuary Garth’s Place is, and definitely worth seeing, all hand built amidst a field of giant boulders. There’s a dome adobe type dwelling, a tipi with adobe type walls and a giant yurt by an awesome stage built into the hill amd boulders, all blending in perfectly with the landscape in an artful way and in harmony with the earth. How cool this place is!