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H  E  A  R  T      H  E  A  R  T 

H  E  A  R  T     H  E  A  R  T 


Cacao and Fire Intention Setting Ceremony

Crystal Bowl and Mega Bass Digeridoo


 2 hrs. 

Our opening ceremony starts at sunset on the eve of the Full Moon and/or the New Moon. The ceremony includes hot cacao and sage smudgging session.

Cacao opens the heart, and the smudgging fogs and drops the light matrix suurounding you. This will allow each individual to start a   matrix with conciousness intended to merge with

Earth Heart.

The sage smudging along with the hot cacao experience authenticates intentions and presence in this sacred sight.

From there, you'll be guided through the most beautiful high desert boulder landscape imaginable to the sound bath area. As the sun sets, the candles come into view...and slowly thereafter... you'll hear the rumblings of the Grand Uberdu.

The Grand Uberdu is a unique mega bass didgeridoo designed and hand-made. The Grand Uberdu shakes every cell of your body and clears out unwanted and trapped vibrations. 


The Mega Bass sounds of the Grand Uberdu, begin to mix with the crystal bowls. They begin feeding your soul intention as you settle in for this 45 min experience.

Lying in this natural and cosmic setting, listen and you may hear earth's heart, become tuned to this heart.


Baking Heat / Cold Plunge


step into our hot area with a stone bed that sweats the core,...plunge into the cold crystal-adorned cement pond.


Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

Live Medicine Music Performance


Drum Circle


The Blue Lotus Flower is traditionally known to be a gateway to the divine. For centuries it has been respected as an ancestral flower known to induce deep meditative energy, enhance third eye function and motivate lucid dreaming. The effects of Blue Lotus or Blue WaterLilly can be euphoric while helping to decompress the nervous system and relax the whole body and mind.


The Blue Lotus Tea ceremony starts at the fire cauldron at one of the valley overlooks. There, in this sacred spot, we will again set the intention of the coming experience. Saging will take place.


Once the Blue Lotus Tea is served, you'll begin to relax, you'll be listening to live cosmic chants from the plant medicine world. Our performer has an amazing voice technique that will bond your heart & soul and heighten any enlightenment!


 The night sky at Boulder Gardens is like no other. The Star Gazing session in the boulders will be laying on the wooden dfeck amongst the boulders looking up at a gazillion-strong star collection in the night sky.

We supply all the pillows!

On the fuller moon bookings 

you will be beating drums around a fire as the moon rises over the Boulder Garden, then taking a guided moonlit walk through the amazing Boulder Gardens.



At this juncture, you may want accomadations or a campspot to make the early sunrise meditation experiance which will take place at sunrise.

To do that simply click here.


Sunrise Boulder Mediation

Deep Boulder Tour

& Feast!

4 hrs

At dawn, you'll be taken to a boulder overlooking the valley below. There you'll be guided through a meditation while the sun rises on a new day.

Afterward, you'll hike through Boulder Garden's

"belly of the goddess open-air cave system".

You WILL feel reborn!

Afterward, feast on fine coffees, teas, hand-pressed fruits,

vegetable juices,

assorted green leaves, and dried fruit from the gardens.

Oh, what a meal!



For donation-based Tarot Card or Vedic readings, past life intuitive readings

click here.



While preparing for your journey home, feel free to take some time to yourself in and around the boulders to reflect on your experience in this sacred garden oasis. 


We hope to see you again soon at Garth's boulder gardens.



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Here's to memorable experiences together at Garth's!

Boulder Gardens Family

Space is limited to 13 individuals for each level.

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The Boulder Gardens Team

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