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 This guided nature retreat starts at noon in  the main community area by meeting, greeting, and eating with your guides.  

We will create and eat a live food vegetable wrap consisting of property grown Kale, store bought avocados, limes, and coconut oil, served in a garden leaf wrap. This food gives guidance to the bodies natural chemistry, which naturally alkalizes between waking and sleeping.


We then take off on a rad 3-mile mind boggling "rad hike journey" through our open air caves system birthing us out into our 30 story massive boulder pile.....where we boulder our way  through the most beautiful high desert Joshua tree landscape imaginable and then,... return to Garth's main community area. Total hike time 3-4 hrs.

Upon our return,  we'll eat a mouth watering monster starchy vegetable salad, accompanied by a fresh squeezed carrot / beet juice.


After that we'll start up and prepare a wood burning sauna that will sweat the core of your being,....then we will cool off with a plunge into our hand made rock pool which is filtered and chlorinated.

Once everyone feeling it, we'll do a guided 1 hr. meditation in the shade of a 2 thousand year old  Pinion pine tree hosted by our cave dwelling shaman- man Robert, whom afterwards will create an amazing live vegetable taco dinner dish as we flow into our fully alkalized state.

After dinner we grab drums and didgeridoos, and vibe into the night by beating deep nomadic beats around the fire, while gazing into a full moon rising.


You'll then retreat into your cozy unique hand made dwellings, of either a boulder house, Indian tepee, birdhouse, cowboy camp, bell tent or yoga deck underneath the stars and the blazing full moon.


After such a day you ought to be able to fall into a deep delta stage sleep, where the brain turns off, and the body turns on its "in-doctor-in" system that repairs, restores and renews your body automatically as it should to where it was the moment you arrived. No aging.


Later on as dawn approaches, you might want to sit with us while the earth turns on its axis's... and brings the new day upon us ..... brightening your horizon!


Then, will eat with us again.  We'll share a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice, with shots of orange, and tangerine, and then a seasonal fruit salad, Waffles can be made over the fire pit to order. Followed by and a green drink made of fresh squeezed spinach, celery, cucumber and parsley. Then a nutrient packed watery leafy salad made with w store bought organic vegetables... ohhhh what a day already!

Then we will have a Cacao ceremony and sit with Garth sharing stories.

This will slowly close our time together.


If your Interested in spiritual guidance before you go? Receive a Tarot and / or an intuitive reading from Emily and/ or Nathan which is donation based.

Be sure to inquire once on property.


While preparing for your journey home, take some time in the boulders to your self, to reflect on your experience in this sacred garden oasis. 


Looking forward to a memorable healing experience!



Price $211.00 per person for two days, and one night.

Space limited to 13 individuals.

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Garth's boulder gardens
Full Moon Nature Retreat